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I build Mixed Reality experiences that wow your prospects and customers

Virtual Reality

  • Extremely immersive experience
  • Be taken to another place
  • Does not interact with the real world
  • Less Difficult to create content
  • Example Hardware: Samsung Odyssey, Oculus Rift, Vive, & Gear VR
  • Awesome!

Augmented Reality

  • An additive experience
  • Bring something into the real world
  • Interact with the real world in Mixed Reality
  • More Difficult to create content
  • Example Hardware: HoloLens, Meta, & Magic Leap
  • Awesome!

What do you Need?


GlobalCove Technologies can help your business realize your vision for bringing augmented reality into your processes.

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GlobalCove Technologies can work with your team of developers to make a big impact in as little amount of time as possible.

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Custom Software

GlobalCove Technologies can create games, simulations, eLearning apps, and training material on any platform.

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